Grizzly Sports & Family Chiropractic

1934 Brooks Street

Missoula, MT 59801


Our office is technically inside Fuel Fitness,

however our entrance is located on the backside

of the building on Bow Street.




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by Jan 19, 2016


Our Mission

Our mission at Grizzly Sports and Family Chiropractic is to create a happier, healthier community by providing the highest quality chiropractic and rehabilitation services. With our vastly educated practitioners you will receive superlative chiropractic care through individualized treatment plans that are intended specifically for each condition. Our objective is to treat the symptoms, and more importantly the root of the ailment. Chiropractic and rehabilitation coupled with patient education, lifestyle modification, and nutritional enhancement will allow your body to reach optimal performance allowing you to live a more active and health conscious lifestyle for years to come.


“Dr. Sanderson is a caring and knowledgeable doctor focused on getting you healthy.”

-John Lucotch


“Dr Sanderson is The Real Deal! I am amazed at how well I am doing after just 2 visits. I was in a great deal of pain just 2 days ago and now I am getting around with ease. Just goes to show, he doesn’t just work on buff athletes but also on out of shape athlete from years gone by. Thank you sooo much Dr Sanderson!!”

-Lynnette Schaefer


“Dr. Sanderson has been awesome in all areas of treatment; from the initial evaluation identifying specific areas of improvement to then tailoring the therapy accordingly. My profession requires me to be in the best physical shape possible and Dr. Sanderson helps optimize my level of physical performance. I would highly recommend Dr. Sanderson for anyone looking to resolve pain, prevent injury, and/or optimize athletic performance.”

-Robert Brown


Grizzly Sports & Family Chiropractic